Douglas Wadle/Matt Barbier

Matt Barbier

Matt Barbieris an LA-based trombonist, improviser and composer currently pursuing his MFA in trombone performance at CalArts, where he studies with Wolfgang von Schweinitz and Ulrich Krieger.  Barbier currently performs in with ,, duo, Trio Kobayashi, Ensemble 303, and Inauthentica and is a freelance trombonist in Los Angeles.  He has worked directly with the composers Ben Johnston, David Lang and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies on the performance of their music, and has recently premiered works by composers including Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Larry Polansky, James Tenney, Douglas Wadle, Andrew Tholl, ct anderson, and Vinny Golia.  His trombone teachers include Rick Stout, Jim Miller, Alex Iles, and Mike Svoboda.  For more information see

Douglas C. Wadle

Douglas Wadleis a composer, theorist, and performer whose    work focuses on formal grammars and logics expressed through rational tuning systems and experimental notation and relying on studies of aural and visual perception.  He performs as part of ,, duo and as a member of The Unbuttoned Sleeves, a research-based interdisciplinary quartet of improvisers (under the direction of post-modern dance luminary Simone Forti) in which he plays trombone, writes, speaks, and moves.  Wadle co-authored the book Unbuttoned Sleeves (Beyond Baroque Books, 2006), a collection of process writings for performance project by the group of the same name. His visual art scores, Amphiboly and Logos prior Logos, are included in the anthology, Notations21 (Mark Batty Publisher, 2009). He is a contributing editor for (The Open Space Magazine). His music has been recorded on Exit Records and is published by Plainsound Music Edition. He is currently adjunct faculty in music theory and analysis at the California Institute of the Arts.  Wadle studied with James Tenney, Marc Sabat, and Christian Wolff.

The Gridlock 1.0 Program Highlights included:

Insomnambulations: Preachin’ Aphasia by Douglas Wadle (trombone solo) ca. 10′ – Canadian Premiere

Brutal Music, No. 2 by Andrew Tholl (trombone solo) ca. 8′ – Canadian Premiere

Mvt. 1 & 2 of Four Diffractions (13 and 5 limit tunings of the Tractus from Ockeghem’s Requiem) by Andrew McIntosh (trombone duo) ca. 5′ – Canadian Premiere

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