Stina Hanson

Stina is a composer, sound artist, (almost) urban planner, designer and maker originally from Vancouver, BC, currently living in Montreal, working on a degree in from the School of Urban Planning at McGill.

Atrux  started as a way to build on artistic connections from Stina’s time at the California Institute of the Arts, and her growing interest in sustainable systems. Stina attempted to merge these ideas with a sustainable funding model for the Collective’s first major project “The Gridlock” concert series, that featured former colleagues from Los Angeles. She continues to pursue artistic projects that are economically and environmentally sustainable, and remains committed to the idea that art can be a driving force behind social change.  She has worked or studied with Steven Takasugi, Robert Wannamaker, Melissa Hui, Sherry Tschernisch, Owen Underhill, Janet Danielson, DD Kugler and Marc Diamond. Her artwork is concerned with cultural memory, traditional performance practice, movement, and the physical performance space.

Stina’s interest in urban planning or urban design or place making developed, somewhat unexpectedly, at the intersection of volunteer work, readings, travel, the evolution of her art practice and the initial search for Gridlock’s physical space. These interests grew into a desire to influence and work on the physical spaces that played such a prominent role in her artwork.  Current planning research interests include: whole systems design, green infrastructure, urban water management and participatory design and community planning.