Stina Hanson

Stina is an urban planner, artist, and builder currently based in Vancouver, BC. By day she works in community planning with a Lower Mainland municipality and by night she work on a range of projects for Atrux that span interests in music, industrial design, wood working, and urban planning.

Atrux Collective projects include the “Gridlock” concert series that featured performers connected to the California Institute of the Arts (where Stina had the opportunity earn a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2007), and parklet installations for Park(ing) Day and “100 in 1 Day” in Montreal, Kamloops and Vancouver.

She counts a wide range of artists, academics and planners as influences and has worked or studied with Steven Takasugi, Robert Wannamaker, Melissa Hui, Sherry Tschernisch, Owen Underhill, Janet Danielson, DD Kugler, Marc Diamond, Madhav Badami, Raphael Fischler, Lisa Bornstein and Nik Luka. Her work addresses community development and public space, cultural memory, youth engagement and participatory design

Stina will be participating in the Tools for Women program with Vancouver’s MakerLabs in February of 2019 with the goal of producing a number of pieces for public use and non-profit organizations.